Things to do between now and the end of summer…….

I’ve been seeing lists popping up all over the place for things to do in the summer.  A summer bucket list.  I don’t pretend to have my act together as much as all those women do, but in the spirit of, if you aim for the moon you’ll at least reach the stars, here’s my list:

  • Make clothesline forts from sheets and blankets.
  • Do science experiments with straws.
  • Memorize the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Gather lots of smooth, round stones and write words on them in permanent marker.  Be sure to write nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on, the more interesting the better.  Put them in a large bowl or bag and have the kids pull out words to make silly stories or poems.
  • Make a rain gauge and chart the precipitation over time (use a short, wide jar such as a salsa jar and have kids use masking tape and a permanent marker to mark inches).
  • Do ant science experiments.
  • Write a play.
  • Have a taste test between store bought and garden produce.Play basketball in the park.
  • Check out a book of world records and pick one to try your hand at.Play jump rope games.
  • Write your legislators.Print out a blank state map and color in states as you spot cars with those license plates.  Here’s printable maps with states labeled and without, according to how challenging you want it.  This is a fun way to learn US geography!
  • Put out a variety of materials like bits of wood, washers, bottle caps and such, plus electrical tape or a glue gun (for older kids or with an adult to help) and make crazy sculptures and inventions.Use a flashlight and learn to make shadow puppets
  • Go to one of the fun and educational 2 o’clock programs at the Jeffers Petroglyphs or a similar science and history site.Wade in a stream and see what you can discover in it.
  • Picnic on the banks of Plum Creek (or just pretend that’s where you are!).
  • Alter a book.
  • Use boards to make a design or letter in a sunny part of the lawn and see how many days have to pass before it shows up.  (Don’t worry, the lawn will green up again after you remove the boards!)
  • Write an essay in the Magic Treehouse contestand try to win a real treehouse.
  • Pour vinegar, salt water and boiling water on weeds in the driveway and see which one works best.
  • Head out to a wooded area and try to get as close as possible to something wild — deer, birds, squirrels, whoever you can find.
  • Throw a camping party.
  • Hunt for fossils, petrified wood and other neat rocks in someplace rocky.  Even parking lots often have really good specimens!
  • Lie in the back yard and watch clouds.
  • Make Artist Trading Cards
  • Put out washable tempera paint and paintbrushes, and let the kids paint large rocks or other items in the yard.  Use the hose or wait for the rain to wash it all off afterwards.
  • Submit a short story, poem or article to a magazines that accept children’s writing.
  • Make some outdoor collages with cardstock, glue and whatever natural materials the kids can find to glue down.
  • Lie in the back yard after dark and learn some new constellations.
  • Wash the dog.
  • Live for one day (and evening!) like it’s the old days.  Do without gadgets, electricity and modern conveniences.  Play old fashioned games, make old fashioned meals and read books from the past.
  • Make Barbie clothes.
  • Fasten a clear baggie securely around a leaf on a tree outside and see what happens.
  • Start a journal.
  • roll down a hill.
  • Get together a bunch of musical instruments (or make some) and have a jam session outside.
  • Play at the playground together.  Swing, use the seesaw, slide and chase each other around.
  • Give each child a sketchpad and some charcoal pencils or colored pencils and go find a picturesque spot to sketch.
  • Catch fireflies
  • Take part in the library reading program
  • Dance in the rain
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Finish an unfinished workbook
  • Take swimming lessons
  • Make a family newspaper
  • Raise butterflies
  • Climb a tree
  • Visit an art museum and then go home and do art inspired by favorite styles
  • Make oobleck and jump in it and try to throw it
  • Go strawberry picking
  • Make mud pies
  • Memorize a poem
  • Write a book report on
  • Go camping
  • Write a short story Play a board game together
  • Go bird watching
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to the farmer’s market
  • Make a lapbook
  • Lie on blankets outside after dark and watch for shooting stars
  • Clean up the litter at a park or other natural location
  • Pick something you don’t know much about, research it and give an oral report on it
  • Play “Scrambled States of America”
  • Wear pedometers and try to have over 10,000 steps every day
  • Start a family photography or poetry blog
  • Write a favorite author and tell her why you love her books
  • Go to a drive-in
  • Go to a garage sale (or 20!)
  • Visit a park you’ve never been to or one you haven’t been to lately
  • Make a giant chalk mural
  • Go on a nature walk after dark (put red cellophane over flashlights so they won’t scare off animals)
  • Play in the mud
  • Roast marshmallows
  • Make artwork  for local fire and rescue workers
  • shaving cream on trays or tables outside and draw in it
  • Learn to embroider, knit or crochet
  • Have a Family Movie Night
  • Have a Family Game Night
  • Host a Tea Party
  • Eat Ice Cream Sundaes for Dinner
  • *Date nights with kids
  •  fix the attic!
  • Finish fixing the basement
  • make pretty food
  • Make our own lemonade
  • Eat smores!


  • Many-though not all-of these ideas are from , Mankato Homeschooling Examiner

    Any suggestions to add??

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